Visit a few of our NAIWE Member sites and check out the possibilities

Here are a few NAIWE member sites to give you an idea of what you can build with your NAIWE membership. We’ve put together specific steps to help you get started. The fact is, our members are skilled writers but may not be “website building techs” and that’s ok because they don’t have to be. NO CODES REQUIRED!

Mary Henderson Eagan
Melissa Lange
Tiffany Wynne
Maya Walker
Diana DeSpain Schramer

There are many options available. Follow the steps below to get started. We’ve included videos that are short and get to the point. We know your time is valuable.

Step 1 Updating Your Basic NAIWE Profile Page
Step 2 Getting Started With Your NAIWE Website
Step 3 Themes and Options
Step 4 Creating Your NAIWE Site Appearance With Colors and Pictures
Step 5 Build Your Profile & Portfolio Pages First and How to do Hyperlinks
Step 6 Editing Images on Your NAIWE Site
Step 7 Creating Menus on your NAIWE Website
Step 8 Here’s a Tip For Your Long Pages of Blog Posts
Step 9  Adding PDF files of Your Articles to Your NAIWE WordPress site
Step 8 Make Your NAIWE Site Mobile Friendly with WPtouch

Make your NAIWE Site Mobile Friendly with WPTouch

Greetings NAIWE Members,

I’m back with more tips to help build your NAIWE Blog and Website. With your membership you get an opportunity to put together a very nice site and you also get “me” to help. Sometimes I’m slow to get back with our members and sometimes I’m very quick.  In my efforts to help you with this I’ve created step by step pages on my site to help you.  Honestly I don’t know “everything” as “everything” is “ever” changing but I try to keep up with it the best I can and if I don’t know I’ll try to find the answer for you.  YouTube has a lot of great videos about WordPress but knowing which ones have the information we need for our group site is the trick.  When questions arise I try to find a video that I can share and gets to the point. I think I found one that is easy to follow about making your site mobile friendly.

When you watch the video he will talk about the WPTouch plugin and downloading it but you don’t have to do that.  You should find it on the lower left of your dashboard.  This video takes you through the different options available.  As always, you can try different things, check it out and if you don’t like it try something different.  Please note *the Preview only works if you’re in the Safari or Google Chrome browser but if you don’t install either of those you can still do all the options he shows, you just won’t be able to preview on your computer.

Here’s the video. If you have any questions I’m available. ~Ann


NAIWE Members Build Your Personal Website

Hi NAIWE Members, I want to invite all those who aren’t very “techy” to check out the pages I have put together to help you work on your profile pages and your website.  There are a lot of options available for creating your “website” with some pictures, colors, add some articles, book covers, themes, etc.  Start with Step 1 and then continue through the other steps I’ve put together for you.  You probably won’t do it all in one night but that’s ok, just get started and you’ll be amazed at what you learn. The best part is no html coding is needed and you can fix anything you mess up.


Teleclass Recording With Barbara McNichol Now Available

Hi NAIWE Members,

Writing Techniques to Save Time and Money in the Editing Process

The recording of today’s teleclass with Barbara McNichol, NAIWE’s Editing Expert, is now available in the Member Area of the Website. Barbara is truly an expert in her field and you’ll gather a lot of helpful information to use in your writing career. Enjoy!



Activate the TinyMCE Plugin to Get More Fonts, Tables, and Other Options

Here’s a plugin that gives you more options on your NAIWE WordPress website.
This is a short video with details included on what this plugin can do for you, how to activate it and set up the options.  You should find TinyMCE Advanced in the list of plugins on your dashboard so you shouldn’t need to do an install. Look on the left side of your dashboard for “Plugins”, click and find TinyMCE in the list and ACTIVATE it. Follow the instructions on the video to pick and choose the options you want to use.  You can go back and take off the options you don’t want and add other options at any time.

This plugin offers:

  • More Fonts
  • Subscript and Superscript
  • Tables (he shows you how to add these)
  • Formats with Headings
  • Horizontal Rule
  • Insert Date and Time
  • Text Background
  • And More

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Step 1 Updating Your Basic NAIWE Profile Page

Sample Basic ProfileTake a look at your Basic NAIWE Profile Page. Here’s mine. If you want to change your name or update your AVITAR, Website Link, Company Information, Your Skills Checklist or Contact Numbers I’ve created directions just for you. I hope you find them helpful. Click the link for detailed instructions with diagrams.
Tweek Your Basic NAIWE Profile Information

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I Believe

I BELIEVE by Angela Poet

I believe in truth, even when surrounded by lies.
I believe in courage, even when my fears are the loudest cries.
I believe in happiness, even when surrounded by pain.
I believe in humility, even when labeled as vain.
I believe in faith, even in the darkest of nights.
I believe in submission, even when my heart fights.
I believe in peace, even though war is the loudest cry.
I believe in trust, though my heart may question why.
I believe in right, though wrong is all I see.
I believe in speaking up, though some would question me.
I believe in true love, though some may say it is dead.
I believe in miracles, though many say it is all in my head.
I believe in God, even when it is hard.
I believe in God’s love, for He first loved me.
And by faith He has set me free.
I believe in God, He believes in me.
And with His grace, I will believe in you.

Who is Angela Poet?

Angela Poet is the pen name my niece has given herself.
She is a very special young lady.  Her birth mother’s last
name was Poet.

“Tori” became part of our family through adoption when she
was a newborn.  She was prayed for and given to our family
by God. I love a quote I read about God; “He who knows the
end from the beginning.”  He knew in the end she needed
our family and we needed her.

All of us were praying for my brother and his wife to have a child.  God knew what he would do but we didn’t.  Out of the blue my brother and his wife got word that they could adopt a baby. They had about 6 weeks to prepare and in 1996 “Tori” came into our family and blessed us all.  She has traveled around the world with her family to Mexico, China and Australia and has entered college this year. She has written these very sweet poems and I told her I would find a way to share them.   She has a big heart, especially for her parents.  I hope you enjoy her work.