Step 1 Updating Your Basic NAIWE Profile Page

Sample Basic ProfileTake a look at your Basic NAIWE Profile Page. Here’s mine. If you want to change your name or update your AVITAR, Website Link, Company Information, Your Skills Checklist or Contact Numbers I’ve created directions just for you. I hope you find them helpful. Click the link for detailed instructions with diagrams.
Tweek Your Basic NAIWE Profile Information

I Believe

I BELIEVE by Angela Poet

I believe in truth, even when surrounded by lies.
I believe in courage, even when my fears are the loudest cries.
I believe in happiness, even when surrounded by pain.
I believe in humility, even when labeled as vain.
I believe in faith, even in the darkest of nights.
I believe in submission, even when my heart fights.
I believe in peace, even though war is the loudest cry.
I believe in trust, though my heart may question why.
I believe in right, though wrong is all I see.
I believe in speaking up, though some would question me.
I believe in true love, though some may say it is dead.
I believe in miracles, though many say it is all in my head.
I believe in God, even when it is hard.
I believe in God’s love, for He first loved me.
And by faith He has set me free.
I believe in God, He believes in me.
And with His grace, I will believe in you.

Who is Angela Poet?



Angela Poet is the pen name my niece has given herself.  She is a very special young lady.  Her birth mother’s last name was Poet.

“Tori” became part of our family through adoption when she was a newborn.  She was prayed for and given to our family by God. I love a quote I read about God; “He who knows the end from the beginning.”  He knew in the end she needed our family and we needed her.

All of us were praying for my brother and his wife to have a child.  God knew what he would do but we didn’t.  Out of the blue my brother and his wife got word that they could adopt a baby. They had about 6 weeks to prepare and in 1996 “Tori” came into our family and blessed us all.  She has traveled around the world with her family to Mexico, China and Australia and has entered college this year. She has written these very sweet poems and I told her I would find a way to share them.   She has a big heart, especially for her parents.  I hope you enjoy her work.

Step 3 Themes and Theme Options-Background color, link color, layout

NAIWE Members, while working in your dashboard you may see Theme Options under Appearance, it should be the 5th item on the list.  (**Please note, depending on the theme you have chosen as your default, you may not have Theme Options. Here is a picture of my theme   )

Themes and Theme Options are two different things but I’ve included both here for more detailed directions.  Themes are basic design options. Theme Options are where you chose a light or dark background, the color for your links and the layout of your site.   You can switch back and forth with these and try different “looks.”  The picture below is the theme I have chosen.  If you have chosen a different theme you may not have “Theme Options”.

My Theme

Theme Options and Themes This pdf will give you more visuals and directions.

Everything is fixable and changeable. Always Remember to Save (there are different save options for different features such as Save, Save Draft, Update (if you’ve already published a page and are making changes you click the Update button)

You will have a Preview button as you work on Posts and Pages to see how your changes look. It will Preview what you site looks like with that change.  I suggest you have your website open in another tab and check how your changes look because sometimes you don’t have the preview button option.  If you don’t like the changes you’ve made go back and try something different.




On the Best of Friendships

by “Angela Poet”

A small single act of kindness, from you,
Can help me with whatever I am going through.
A kind word, a smile or two,
Helps so much when I am blue.
Sometimes I don’t know what I’d do without you,
Near, or far, far away.
I know you remember me when you pray
Whether our tastes are the same or not at all…
I know you’d be there to if I chanced to fall.
Whether you are ‘family’ or a new friend’
You remind me, that something gr8 is around the next bend.
Whether you share my story or my scars.
You remind me that hope shines as bright as the stars.
I don’t know how you do what you do.
You scatter my fears into the blue.
Oh! how I appreciate you!
You don’t have to say a lot.
But what you say such joy has brought!
I will hold you in my heart and prayers.
True friends another’s burden bears.
So wonderful to know, that someone cares.
As humans, imperfect, but striving always to be…
Honest, sensitive, Godly, filled with glee.
Faith binds us together, and friends is what we always will be!!

The Dance Partner



by “Angela Poet”

Two grubby little hands stretched out.
“Daddy, come dance with me?” said with a pout.
And so he’ll drop his work, for a short moment.
Her defender, her Prince, some one to whom she can vent.
His love for her is forever and un-changeable.
Even when her attitude becomes un-bearable.
Now Daddy holds out a work-scared hand.
A man’s hand adorned only by a simple wedding band.
“Lets dance.” he says, make some more memories.
He wishes time he could freeze.
Maybe, he has not done everything right.
But she does push back, and fight.
He is good to her when she least deserves it.
For somehow God, their hearts has knit.
He is stubborn. So is she, his little girl.
So, one and two and three, give her a twirl.
These moments are meant to be cherished.
Dancing with his little girl, never embarrassed.
Daddy + Daughter, together, forever.
Our love will last for ever and ever.
My Daddy, my love, my dance partner.

Born Digital: Meet the College Class of 2017 by Yahoo News Staff

Thought some of our NAIWE Members might find this story interesting.

How the Class of 2017 Will Transform College
One hour interview with many different professionals and educational leaders discussing the age group that has never known life without the internet.

Yahoo News


Step 8 Here’s a Tip For Your Long Pages of Blog Posts

Here’s a tip for your NAIWE site if you have long rolling posts and you want your readers to be able to move through them more efficiently. .

Take a look at this page* on my site.   Notice how I have added Continue reading after a paragraph or two?  This is really easy to do and might help your readers feel a little less overworked when they want to scroll through your rolling blog for a specific article.  Here is a screen shot with instructions. When you follow the instructions provided it adds the “Continue reading link” automatically when it inserts the line break (—–more—–). The other neat thing is that it automatically uses the color yellow for me because I have that picked as the color for my links and the “continue reading” is a link to my full text. The Continue Reading only will show up when you build pages in a menu that roll through from one post to the next like the page I referenced above.*  For individual pages/posts it won’t show up, only in the rolling blogs.

Note:  In the individual post you will not see a Continue reading link but when you load them into a menu like I have and they post to a rolling blog then it will put the Continue reading link in them.


Our Front Porch and the Swing Effect

1993 daddy's boysI love our front porch.  We tell people all the time it is our family room and counseling center.  We have a porch swing which I recommend to everyone who has a porch with the space to swing.  My grandmother had a swing on her porch and as soon as we got to her house we started swinging.  At our family homestead, we had a swing in our basement.  In the winter when it was too cold to do anything outside we would swing down there.

Do you know that swinging helps create mood calming chemicals in the body?  That might explain why people spend thousands of dollars on baby swings each year.  It really works.

Maybe all the years we’ve spent swinging on the porch explain why we are still married.  In Dec. 2014 we will celebrate 30 years together.  When we’ve had stressful times we would say “let’s swing” which meant we would discuss the issue while swinging on the porch.  I thought it was just a change of environment that helped the discussion but it seems it was more than that. We live on a fairly busy street so we would have plenty of distractions while we were swinging but now I know it was the chemical release we got while swinging that helped us work out many problems.
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