Need help building your NAIWE webpage?

anns solo 1 picWould anyone like help building their NAIWE website? I”ll be glad to work with anyone who needs some guidance.  I’m the NAIWE Virtual Assistant and I am here to assist. :-)  We’re not sure if members don’t have time or they just don’t know what to do with the “dashboard.”  Janice and I want to make sure NAIWE members get all the benefits that come with a NAIWE membership and a professional website is one of those benefits.  It only takes a few minutes to spruce up your page and I’ll be glad to help. Create a theme, chose some colors, look around at some of our members sites and see what they’ve designed.

I like how MIchael Golding uses the black background on his site so I decided to try that out on my own site.  For his sport’s theme page, I think the black background looks really sharp.  Do you think the black works on my site too? It was golden yellow before I updated.  Ann Hoopsick  


One thought on “Need help building your NAIWE webpage?

  1. Yes, I could definitely use some help with setting up my NAIWE page and trying to get connected with clients for first clips/portfolio building.

    If it would help, my e-mail is pmccarthy16 (at) gmail (dot) com. I appreciate the help!

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