Step 6 Editing Images in your NAIWE Site

DSC02751When you want to add a picture to your post click the Add Media button on the top left of where you type in your posts text. Upload from your files and insert into the post.
Here are some directions on how to achieve text and picture placement that’s attractive and uses space efficiently.

Most people will agree that having the words fill in the space beside a picture creates a cleaner, sharper look. Here’s how to get the look like you see above with text to the right of the picture.

In your dashboard click ~Video Tutorials and you will see a list of many videos showing how to work on your NAIWE site.  To watch the video about editing images choose the video titled Working With Images.

Here’s what you’ll learn.
You can change the placement of the picture in relationship to your text and also change the size of the picture.  In the video you will see two icons come up in the left hand corner of the picture.  One is to edit the image, the other is to delete it.  They are on the top of my head in this screen shot.  Click the “mountain” picture to edit.  The “circle with a line” is the delete icon.  Click the screen shots below for full screen images.  All this is shown in the video.

NAIWE site pic instructions

This screen shot below shows the options for None, Left, Center or Right in the placement of the picture in relationship to the text.    You can also add a title, text and caption.

NAIWE site pic advance image
small-fall-2011-pa-oct-81.jpgThis picture is marked “none” and if I continue writing it will hold the text as it appears here.  The first line will be at the bottom right of the picture and continue to fill in below.  If you want to fill in the space to the right of the picture you chose the next option “left.”

This one is marked “left” and the picture will stay to the left of the writing. This picture is one of my favorites.  These are pictures of where I grew up; hundreds of open acres in the mountains of Pennsylvania.

small-fall-2011-pa-oct-8.jpg This one is marked “center.”  The picture will stay centered above your writing.


And this one is marked “right.”  The picture will stay to the right of your text.




I hope this encourages our members to try adding some pictures into their profile and posts to see the different effects that can be achieved with these simple image edits.

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