More NAIWE Site Building Help-Build Your Profile & Portfolio Pages First and How to do Hyperlinks

Build Your Profile and Portfolio Pages First

Note: You’ll always go to your “DASHBOARD” to work on your site pages.

The first thing you should do when creating your NAIWE website is fill in your profile and portfolio page of information. I should have told you that first but my creative side loves to add pictures and colors and do the “decorating” but you need to be showcasing who you are and what kind of work you do.   See, I’m not really a writer like you, I’m in the background trying to help manage this place for you, so I forgot that was probably the most important part of your site. Your profiles and portfolios are where people can come to learn about your background and take a look at your work.

Here’s Where to Find Your Profile and Portfolio Pages
Go to your “dashboard” on your site.
Click on the “Pages” button on the left and you will see the Portfolio and the Profile pages are already there.  Click on those and fill in your information.  If you want to add links to places where your articles or books can be found on the web, read below about how to embed your links.

HYPERLINKS make pages look sharper and cleaner than long urls.
Do you know how to do a “fancy” link or a hyperlink?  My friend calls it a fancy link when you embed a link into a title like this; Visit My NAIWE Site.  When you click this link you are taken to my site but you don’t see the long url.

To view the Video Tutorial in your dashboard that shows and explains how to create these hyperlinks, click the Video Tutorial button on the left and under “visual editor”  chose “hyperlinks.”  The video is a minute and a half.  Hyperlinks are easy and make pages look so much better than cluttering them up with long urls.  You’ll want to use the hyperlinks when you have articles published on the web and you want to direct people there.

The “link button” that you click to embed urls is found on your email service too. It will work the same way and make your emails look sharper. Try it!

If you have any questions feel free to ask. ~Ann



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