NAIWE Website Builder Instructions

I hope these will help our members build some great sites.  Be creative, try new things but most of all just get started.  It’s fun and creative.  Take these first steps now.

Some things to remember as you work on your site.
Save Changes-Check your changes before you save them when you have this option.  Keep another tab open with your page so you can refresh and see your changes as you work on your page.
As you work on your pages, posts and “look” of your site you will see different “save” options. SAVE Draft, Update, Save Menu, Save Changes-If you like your changes save them and you can always change them again.

1. Go to your ”Dashboard” page. (click under your name at the top of your page and you should see the link for the dashboard) Once the dashboard comes up, we’re ready to move on.

2. On the left look for ”Appearance” click, then go to ”Theme Options.” This is where you decide how you want your page to look. You chose colors and how the page is set up with menus on your left, right or one column with no sidebar. This is the basic set up. We’ll add widgets and other things later.  Have your website open in another tab so you can refresh it to see how it looks after you make these changes in Appearance.  It is best to keep your site open in another tab while working on the appearance.  Keep you page open in another tab so you can see how these changes look as you try different colors.  Remember to save your changes, then refresh in your other tab to see the changes.

a. Go to Theme Options to chose your light or dark background for your page.
Mine is dark. (if you want pictures for header and backgrounds go to d. below)
b. Pick a link color for your links. Anything on your page that links to another page will be in this color. You can see on my page these are yellow.
c. Default Layout; right column, left column, one column no side-bar (pick your choice, try each one, save changes, refresh and see how you like it.)

Do you want pictures for your header and background like on my page?  Click on Header or Background under Appearance and upload the pictures you want to use and follow directions.

Save and then look at your live page to see what your changes look like. When you are satisfied with your page and want to share it you click Publish.   Work on that and see what you come up with. Remember to Save Draft each time you make changes or are in the creating mode.  You can preview your page from your dashboard if you don’t want to keep it open in another tab while working on it.  Once a page has been published you will then use the Update button to save changes.
Under Theme Options you will also see Header and Background. The header can be a plain color or you can upload a picture or logo there. The background is the area around your main information. This too can be a plain color or an uploaded picture.

These things won’t take long so I hope everyone will take a few minutes and work on enhancing their page. More to come…..


2 thoughts on “NAIWE Website Builder Instructions

  1. Almost none of these directions apply to what is appearing on my screen and I am extremely frustrated. For example, there is no “Theme Option” (only Themes) so all the color choices, etc., don’t exist for me. Most important, I cannot find “Preview” anywhere. Are these instructions completely outdated?

    • HI Kris, When you click on Appearance, a list should appear. The fifth item should be Theme Options. Themes is the first item on the list, Theme Options should be a few below it, 5th on the list. When you change Theme Options you will “save” and then click “view your site” under your name at the top to look at it.

      Preview will be found when you create a new “post or page.”
      There are a few things I can change to make the directions a little clearer.
      I’ll try to do that tomorrow.
      Thanks, Ann

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