Professional Profile

I attended business school, learning database programming in the 80’s, got married, entered the workforce and a few years down the road became a working mom.  Fortunately I was able to be a stay at home mom a few years later, then a homeschool mom for 18 years. During that time I volunteered in many activities. I became the President of the Tri-Cities Home Educators in 2005 and continued through 2011. TCHE is a group of 250 homeschooling families from the central VA area covering 3 cities and many counties in our area.

During my time there I implemented many changes to break away from the “paper tiger.” The website we have now is a template site but most of the content is still my creation.  I used the online membership registration database system and Paypal payment system to transform our group’s communication and effectiveness in reaching out to the local homeschooling community.

I enjoy working on computers; designing ways to use databases to their fullest potential. It’s very creative, just like my other passion of sewing and creating with fabric.  Currently I am working on a new website for my own business.  I will be planning educational workshops in the Richmond area and I’m still counseling new homeschooling families about curriculum, planning and organization.

My new background and header are pictures from my fall trip back home to PA in Oct. 2011.  This cornfield is seen while looking across the road from my parents’ house and the border was taken while walking up the road toward their home.  My great-grandfather planted the maple trees hiding on the left.  I was so pleased with my pictures.  I thought this would be a good place to share them.  I hope you enjoy the view.