Hello, NAIWE members!

Hello, NAIWE members, my name is Ann Hoopsick (Hoop… what?). “Hoop” as in basketball hoop and “sick,” as in “I am sick.” That’s how I try to explain it to those who get caught off guard by the last name. It’s really very simple, but different. It’s Hungarian, for those wondering.

You may have seen my name floating around, so I figured it’s time to introduce myself to all you wonderful writers. I am helping Janice with some virtual assisting duties. We’ve known each other since about 2000-2001. We first met at an educational conference where I hosted her as a speaker. Since then I’ve been an avid fan as she helps educate parents about opportunities available to their high school students.

I studied system analysis and information sciences at a small business school in the early 80’s. You know what that means: programming on old dinosaurs. Those were the days. The two jobs I held before staying home with my children were in the computer field with proofreading, scheduling, spreadsheets and printing mixed in. My home was the overnight safe-storage facility for the magnetic reels.

From 2005-2011 I was the president of a large home-school organization (over 250 families) that is now 20 years old and still going strong.  I organized monthly meetings, worked with coordinators to plan activities, and brought in speakers, like Janice, to do writing classes with our students. Most importantly we continued to grow and do more for our families. In 2009 I finally found the website of my dreams for our large organization. I spent many hours creating a site that gave us freedom from paper registrations, automatic calendar reminders, group emails, PayPal payments and so many other wonderful tools to keep us organized and moving in the same direction.

My husband and I also ran a large sports organization in the Richmond area from 2006-2009 and generated more money through fundraising than they had ever received before.

Last year Janice and I talked about what I would be doing when I finished homeschooling. Since our youngest son graduated and I’m done with that segment of my life, here I am!

I look forward at getting to know each of you through your writing. I like to think I am a good writer but my skill set is really in organizing and promoting, which I will do my best at for your benefit.