Some People Still Show Their Thankfulness, Do You?

My husband and I spent last weekend covering a booth at a convention for a friend. Parking in the city is tough on the weekends when the convention center is busy, especially when thereare delivery trucks parked in the turning lanes. As we turned the corner for our parking deck we ran into a backup of cars. We knew we only had about 15 minutes before this deck was full and since it’s connected to the convention center it makes life easier, so it’s worth the wait. As we inched our way toward the entrance to the parking deck my husband kindly let a minivansqueeze in front of us. We watched the lady pull into the garage and get a great parking spot right near the entrance, she wasn’t taking any chances. When we pulled up to pay, the attendant said, “that lady paid for you and said thank you.”

We were in for the longest day of the convention and this little act of “thankfulness”
gave us something to think about for the rest of the day and helped us keep a smile on our faces.Have you ever responded to a random act of “kindness” with a random act of “thankfulness” like that? It can make someone’s day. Try it again if it’s been a while.