Need help building your NAIWE webpage?

Ann 2009Would anyone like help building their NAIWE website? I”ll be glad to work with anyone who needs some guidance.  I’m the NAIWE Virtual Assistant and I am here to assist. 🙂  We’re not sure if members don’t have time or they just don’t know what to do with the “dashboard.”  Janice and I want to make sure NAIWE members get all the benefits that come with a NAIWE membership and a professional website is one of those benefits.  It only takes a few minutes to spruce up your page and I’ll be glad to help. Create a theme, chose some colors, look around at some of our members sites and see what they’ve designed.

I like how MIchael Golding uses the black background on his site so I decided to try that out on my own site.  For his sport’s theme page, I think the black background looks really sharp.  Do you think the black works on my site too? It was golden yellow before I updated.  Ann Hoopsick  

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