Step 7 Creating Menus on your NAIWE Website

Some of our NAIWE members have been working on their sites and I am excited to see the new pages that are being created.  Don’t be afraid to try new things. Make your site represent you and your work in your own way.

First, I found a great Video to explain the difference between posts and pages.  Then we’ll learn about “categories” and menus.

Let’s take a look at Creating Custom Navigation Menus.
Sorry the pictures are blurry.  If you click them they will enlarge.

I’m a list person so to me, navigation menus are lists.  They are nice and orderly.  You can take all your posts/pages about a particular topic and put in a dropdown under a category.  You can create your own categories.  When you make your posts or pages always pick a category before you post it but if you forget, just go back and edit the post and add the category, then “update” to save it.
Here’s a video with more about “categories.”

The MAIN MENU is the bar across the top of my page with the different “categories.” Under the *categories are my pages and posts. Most of my categories across the top have a drop down of pages or posts within them.  If they don’t, that means I only have one page in that category, the “original.”

Here’s a simple video from YouTube to help explain the process of making menus on your NAIWE site. This does not cover all the information but will get you started.

Read through this page, watch the video, and then get creating! 

Take a look at my screen shot. (2nd picture)  See how the category  Website Creation breaks down into a “drop-down menu” list?  We’ll learn how to do this in this lesson.

Building menus dropdown ex

Everyone may not realize that “Main Menu” for our purposes means the bar across the top where the categories are listed.  We only have one menu but it can have two rows like you’ll see on my current page.

When creating your menu you might see a message saying “Your theme only allows one menu.”  Well, what does that mean?  That means you have the one bar across the top of your page or you can put it down the side, if you want, but within that one bar you can have multiple titles/categories.  And this is why it’s important to give your posts and pages a category.  So, before you start making menus make sure you have *categorized your posts and pages in a way that will best organize your work in these different menus.

For example: If you write articles for the medical field you may want to categorize them by Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer, etc. and then your different articles will be listed under each of those categories on your menu for easy locating by your readers.  You can also set your new pages to automatically be added to these menus as long as you give them one of your *categories.

Here’s a screen shot of my back-end page so you can compare it to the front end page you see above.


custom menu whole page


Happy Creating!

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