Step 2 Getting Started with your NAIWE Website

We all have to-do-lists that we never finish.  That is the one thing I’m sure of after making a million of them myself.  So here’s one more to add to your list; building your NAIWE webpages on your NAIWE website.

With your NAIWE membership you have the opportunity to build a website that is professional and functional.  Here is a tutorial page you can read through. (The tutorial page has a LOT of information on it, so don’t get bogged down when you read through it.)  Skimming is ok for now. I’ve created posts to take you through many of these things individually with more detail.  I’ve included some videos throughout these pages to help show you the visual of what I’m trying to explain.

First thing I recommend is that you log into your dashboard (on your basic profile page at the top left you should see a symbol that looks like a key, click this. Then you should see your name, hover on it and to the right you should see the word “dashboard.” Click dashboard and it will take you to the “back-end” of your site or the “dashboard” where you will build your pages.  Then open your site in the “front page” view in another tab so you can check back and forth when you make changes to see how it looks.

On posts and pages you’ll have the opportunity to “preview” your new or updated page before you save (or update) it but it’s still good to have your page open in another tab. Check out your changes before you update or save them. Be sure to click Save, Save Menu, Update, or whatever option is in that field if you like your changes.  You can go back and try something different if you don’t.  Editing your pages is always an option. Nothing is permanent. If you do something you don’t like on a page you can change it.

When you create a new Post be sure to give it at least one Category, down on your right hand side you’ll see this box.   Categories are like folders or organizers for you posts. Your categories will be used to create your menus after you get your posts and pages put together.

I hope you will take the time to get acquainted with the many features you have available through your NAIWE site.  Follow my posts for more detailed directions and send me any questions you may have  I’m also available to work with you over the phone. PM me to schedule a time.  If you see something that doesn’t make sense or you need more details please let me know.

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