Step 8 Here’s a Tip For Your Long Pages of Blog Posts

Here’s a tip for your NAIWE site if you have long rolling posts and you want your readers to be able to move through them more efficiently. .

Take a look at this page* on my site.   Notice how I have added Continue reading after a paragraph or two?  This is really easy to do and might help your readers feel a little less overworked when they want to scroll through your rolling blog for a specific article.  Here is a screen shot with instructions. When you follow the instructions provided it adds the “Continue reading link” automatically when it inserts the line break (—–more—–). The other neat thing is that it automatically uses the color yellow for me because I have that picked as the color for my links and the “continue reading” is a link to my full text. The Continue Reading only will show up when you build pages in a menu that roll through from one post to the next like the page I referenced above.*  For individual pages/posts it won’t show up, only in the rolling blogs.

Note:  In the individual post you will not see a Continue reading link but when you load them into a menu like I have and they post to a rolling blog then it will put the Continue reading link in them.

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