Visit a few of our NAIWE Member sites and check out the possibilities

Here are a few NAIWE member sites to give you an idea of what you can build with your NAIWE membership. We’ve put together specific steps to help you get started. The fact is, our members are skilled writers but may not be “website building techs” and that’s ok because they don’t have to be. NO CODES REQUIRED!

Mary Henderson Eagan
Melissa Lange
Tiffany Wynne
Maya Walker
Diana DeSpain Schramer

There are many options available. Follow the steps below to get started. We’ve included videos that are short and get to the point. We know your time is valuable.

Step 1 Updating Your Basic NAIWE Profile Page
Step 2 Getting Started With Your NAIWE Website
Step 3 Themes and Options
Step 4 Creating Your NAIWE Site Appearance With Colors and Pictures
Step 5 Build Your Profile & Portfolio Pages First and How to do Hyperlinks
Step 6 Editing Images on Your NAIWE Site
Step 7 Creating Menus on your NAIWE Website
Step 8 Here’s a Tip For Your Long Pages of Blog Posts
Step 9  Adding PDF files of Your Articles to Your NAIWE WordPress site
Step 8 Make Your NAIWE Site Mobile Friendly with WPtouch

Make your NAIWE Site Mobile Friendly with WPTouch

Greetings NAIWE Members,

I’m back with more tips to help build your NAIWE Blog and Website. With your membership you get an opportunity to put together a very nice site and you also get “me” to help. Sometimes I’m slow to get back with our members and sometimes I’m very quick.  In my efforts to help you with this I’ve created step by step pages on my site to help you.  Honestly I don’t know “everything” as “everything” is “ever” changing but I try to keep up with it the best I can and if I don’t know I’ll try to find the answer for you.  YouTube has a lot of great videos about WordPress but knowing which ones have the information we need for our group site is the trick.  When questions arise I try to find a video that I can share and gets to the point. I think I found one that is easy to follow about making your site mobile friendly.

When you watch the video he will talk about the WPTouch plugin and downloading it but you don’t have to do that.  You should find it on the lower left of your dashboard.  This video takes you through the different options available.  As always, you can try different things, check it out and if you don’t like it try something different.  Please note *the Preview only works if you’re in the Safari or Google Chrome browser but if you don’t install either of those you can still do all the options he shows, you just won’t be able to preview on your computer.

Here’s the video. If you have any questions I’m available. ~Ann


Activate the TinyMCE Plugin to Get More Fonts, Tables, and Other Options

Here’s a plugin that gives you more options on your NAIWE WordPress website.
This is a short video with details included on what this plugin can do for you, how to activate it and set up the options.  You should find TinyMCE Advanced in the list of plugins on your dashboard so you shouldn’t need to do an install. Look on the left side of your dashboard for “Plugins”, click and find TinyMCE in the list and ACTIVATE it. Follow the instructions on the video to pick and choose the options you want to use.  You can go back and take off the options you don’t want and add other options at any time.

This plugin offers:

  • More Fonts
  • Subscript and Superscript
  • Tables (he shows you how to add these)
  • Formats with Headings
  • Horizontal Rule
  • Insert Date and Time
  • Text Background
  • And More

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Step 1 Updating Your Basic NAIWE Profile Page

Sample Basic ProfileTake a look at your Basic NAIWE Profile Page. Here’s mine. If you want to change your name or update your AVITAR, Website Link, Company Information, Your Skills Checklist or Contact Numbers I’ve created directions just for you. I hope you find them helpful. Click the link for detailed instructions with diagrams.
Tweek Your Basic NAIWE Profile Information

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Step 3 Themes and Theme Options-Background color, link color, layout

NAIWE Members, while working in your dashboard you may see Theme Options under Appearance, it should be the 5th item on the list.  (**Please note, depending on the theme you have chosen as your default, you may not have Theme Options. Here is a picture of my theme   )

Themes and Theme Options are two different things but I’ve included both here for more detailed directions.  Themes are basic design options. Theme Options are where you chose a light or dark background, the color for your links and the layout of your site.   You can switch back and forth with these and try different “looks.”  The picture below is the theme I have chosen.  If you have chosen a different theme you may not have “Theme Options”.

My Theme

Theme Options and Themes This pdf will give you more visuals and directions.

Everything is fixable and changeable. Always Remember to Save (there are different save options for different features such as Save, Save Draft, Update (if you’ve already published a page and are making changes you click the Update button)

You will have a Preview button as you work on Posts and Pages to see how your changes look. It will Preview what your site looks like with that change.  I suggest you have your website open in another tab and check how your changes look because sometimes you don’t have the preview button option.  If you don’t like the changes you’ve made go back and try something different.

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Step 8 Here’s a Tip For Your Long Pages of Blog Posts

Here’s a tip for your NAIWE site if you have long rolling posts and you want your readers to be able to move through them more efficiently. .

Take a look at this page* on my site.   Notice how I have added Continue reading after a paragraph or two?  This is really easy to do and might help your readers feel a little less overworked when they want to scroll through your rolling blog for a specific article.  Here is a screen shot with instructions. When you follow the instructions provided it adds the “Continue reading link” automatically when it inserts the line break (—–more—–). The other neat thing is that it automatically uses the color yellow for me because I have that picked as the color for my links and the “continue reading” is a link to my full text. The Continue Reading only will show up when you build pages in a menu that roll through from one post to the next like the page I referenced above.*  For individual pages/posts it won’t show up, only in the rolling blogs.

Note:  In the individual post you will not see a Continue reading link but when you load them into a menu like I have and they post to a rolling blog then it will put the Continue reading link in them.

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Step 2 Getting Started with your NAIWE Website

We all have to-do-lists that we never finish.  That is the one thing I’m sure of after making a million of them myself.  So here’s one more to add to your list; building your NAIWE webpages on your NAIWE website.

With your NAIWE membership you have the opportunity to build a website that is professional and functional.  Here is a tutorial page you can read through. (The tutorial page has a LOT of information on it, so don’t get bogged down when you read through it.)  Skimming is ok for now. I’ve created posts to take you through many of these things individually with more detail.  I’ve included some videos throughout these pages to help show you the visual of what I’m trying to explain. Continue reading

Step 7 Creating Menus on your NAIWE Website

Some of our NAIWE members have been working on their sites and I am excited to see the new pages that are being created.  Don’t be afraid to try new things. Make your site represent you and your work in your own way.

First, I found a great Video to explain the difference between posts and pages.  Then we’ll learn about “categories” and menus.

Let’s take a look at Creating Custom Navigation Menus.
Sorry the pictures are blurry.  If you click them they will enlarge.

I’m a list person so to me, navigation menus are lists.  They are nice and orderly.  You can take all your posts/pages about a particular topic and put in a dropdown under a category.  You can create your own categories.  When you make your posts or pages always pick a category before you post it but if you forget, just go back and edit the post and add the category, then “update” to save it.
Here’s a video with more about “categories.”

Continue reading